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    The new category-based selection in Express Entry is a blessing for Indian professionals from 5 occupations or with French proficiency who can now migrate to Canada in 6-8 months*.

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    VisaSyc is one among the best immigration consultants with good exposure to the international market. We provide guidance and process immigration and non-immigration visa applications. We provide Visa to students, individuals, families, and businesses.

    With a rising number of people traveling abroad, there is an exponential increase in the number of Visas, Indians are applying for. Over the last decade, the number of Indians traveling abroad has gone up to 2.5 times. However, in the current scenario, the visa application process is long, tedious, and complicated. This makes it very difficult for travelers to apply for visas.

    VisaSyc Visa consultant makes visa applications easy for everyone. We have expert visa consultants who are always here to help you with your process. We have brand support from various international universities, corporates and travel agencies to support the entire process easily.


    There are so many talented students who aspire to go abroad for further education but face financial obstacles. Many universities offer scholarships and fee waivers on merit basis for such students.


    We have automated the application process in order to make it easier for the students. Right from the beginning, students are prepared for the selection process through thorough briefing and guiding.


    Students need experts help to make them understand about the difference in their expectations about the course and the actual objectives available.


    With Education taking new leaps and writing modern pages in the book of history, students have plenty of career alternatives to choose from respective course.


    You can estimate the best universities that correspond your profile, in accordance with your GPA, Scores in international competitive entrance exams and other talent assets.


    The visa application process differs from country to country. Each country has its own set of rules when it comes to accepting visa applications. Our experts help to make students understand every step needs to go through to obtain a visa.

    Which Visa Best Suites You?

    Why Choose VisaSyc?

    Choosing visa consultancy services can be beneficial for various reasons. Here are some of the key advantages:

    Expert Guidance: Visa consultancy services are typically provided by professionals who are well-versed in immigration laws and regulations of various countries. They can offer expert guidance and advice tailored to your specific visa needs, ensuring you follow the correct procedures and requirements.
    Increased Success Rate: Visa consultants have extensive experience in handling visa applications and understand the complexities involved. They can help you avoid common mistakes that may lead to visa rejections and increase your chances of a successful application.
    Time-saving: Navigating through the visa application process can be time-consuming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the requirements. Visa consultants can streamline the process, gather the necessary documentation, and handle paperwork efficiently, saving you time and effort.
    Personalized Approach: Visa consultants often provide personalized services, assessing your individual circumstances and tailoring their advice accordingly. They can help you choose the most suitable visa category based on your qualifications, intentions, and future plans.
    Up-to-date Information: Immigration laws and visa requirements can change frequently. Visa consultancy services stay updated with the latest changes, ensuring that your application adheres to the most current regulations.
    Support throughout the Process: Visa consultants provide support at every stage of the visa application process. From initial assessment to the submission of your application and even during post-application queries, they can assist you throughout.
    Handling Complex Cases: If your visa situation is unique or complex, such as applying for a work visa with specific job requirements or pursuing immigration through a family member, a visa consultant’s expertise can be invaluable.
    Peace of Mind: Utilizing visa consultancy services can provide peace of mind, knowing that your application is being handled by professionals with experience in the field. This can alleviate stress and anxiety associated with the visa application process.

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    Have Any Questions?
    Immigration is the authorised procedure of relocating to another country. You can contact us at if you have any additional inquiries concerning immigration or the immigration laws of various nations.
    your educational history, professional experience, expected career path, and the nation’s immigration policies. The three nations listed below, however, are the most welcoming to immigrants and have lenient visa requirements.
    Immigration costs vary depending on: the nation you would like to apply to. You can apply for yourself or your family if you choose. the kind and variety of services you select. The average price is between 75,000 and 5,000 Indian rupees. To learn more, get in touch with our visa consultant.
    Student visa policies and procedures vary between nations. The following criteria will determine whether your application for a student visa is approved: the nation in which you were born The country of choice for travel The programme you want to pursue, the college you want to attend, and your funding strategy
    It’s never too early to submit a visa application. The procedure for applying for a visa can be drawn-out and time-consuming. After you apply for a visa, it may take anywhere from 6 months to a full year to receive one. Therefore, it is best to apply for a visa as soon as possible.
    While a visa consultant can help you with the visa application process and post-landing services, an immigration lawyer can officially defend your case. You can submit your application on your own or with the help of an immigration expert with Kansas.

    A visa consultant is a professional who provides assistance and guidance to individuals or businesses in obtaining visas for international travel or immigration purposes. Their primary role is to help clients navigate the often complex and confusing visa application process, ensuring they meet all the requirements and submit the necessary documentation correctly.

    If you’ve done your research on the immigration procedure carefully, applying for a study, visit, or work visa on your own shouldn’t present any issues. However, keep in mind that if your visa application doesn’t satisfy normal requirements, there is a great likelihood that it will be rejected if you don’t have the correct information on complicated immigration regulations & updates.
    We offer visas for all functions. Following is a list of the visas we offer: (Permanent Residency Visa) Canada PR Visa Australia PR Visa Dependent Visa Family Visa Study Visa Business Visa Visas for visits, temporary stays, and retirement

    The following are services provided by Visasyc Careers for your immigration to Canada.

    Evaluation of profiles, writing of resumes, interviews, and job-search assistance
    IELTS/French Coaching Materials
    Application & Renewal for Visa
    Services Following Landing

    To date, Visasyc has assisted more than 10,000 visa applicants. With a combined expertise of more than 50 years, our visa processing team can help with visas for PR, students, and visitors. You should be aware of the following.

    In our collaboration, the RCIC Immigration consultancy is independent.
    Look through our reviews to see what people just like you have to say.
    We are completely open and honest about the costs and services we provide.
    20K+ customers served, with over 3K+ open cases

    You can email us at fly@visasyc.com if you have any general questions.

    Within 24 hours, we will reply to your message.

    Alternately, go to the contact page.

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