You are currently viewing Indian Passport Holders: Good News! Indian tourists can travel to these countries without visa, know how long they can stay

Indian Passport Holders: Good News! Indian tourists can travel to these countries without visa, know how long they can stay

Visa-free access:

Due to the expansion of the Indian passport, Indian nationals are now granted visa-free admission into 62 countries worldwide. The study indicates that Indian nationals will no longer require a visa in order to access 62 countries, which may be good news for people who intend to travel overseas.

Entry without a visa: Indian passports are becoming more and more powerful globally, and individuals who intend to travel overseas will be able to take advantage of this. As to the most recent ranking, India’s passport currently stands at 80th place globally, allowing its citizens to enter 62 countries without the need for a visa.

Visa free entry for Indians in 62 countries

As per the latest study from Henley Passport Index, 2024, Indian passport holders have more options than ever before, and as a result, they can enter 62 countries worldwide without a visa. For individuals who intend to travel to places like Thailand, Mauritius, or Oman, this article may be good news. Since the Indian passport has been strengthened, Indian nationals can now access 62 countries without a visa.

Pakistan’s performance disappointing

Afghanistan ranks 104th on the Henley Passport Index’s most recent ranking, which is the lowest on the list. Afghan nationals are now able to enter 28 countries without a visa. On the other hand, Pakistan ranks 101rd and its citizens are only permitted access into 34 countries without a visa.
Indian citizens can enter these countries without visa:
1. Angola
2. Barbados
3. Bhutan
4. Bolivia
5. British Virgin Islands
6. Burundi
7. Cambodia
8. Cape Verde Islands
9. Comoro Islands
10. Cook Islands
11. Djibouti
12. Dominica
13. El Salvador
14. Ethiopia
15. Fiji
16. Gabon
17. Grenada
18. Guinea Bissau
19. Haiti
20. Indonesia
21. Iran
22. Jamaica
23. Jordan
24. Kazakhstan
25. Kenya
26. Kiribati
27. Laos
28. Macau
29. Madagascar
30. Malaysia
31. Maldives
32. Marshall Islands
33. Mauritania
34. Mauritius
35. Microsia
35. Montserrat
36. Mozambique
37. Myanmar
38. Nepal
39. Niue
40. Oman
41. Palau Island
42. Qatar
43. Rwanda
44. Samoa
45. Senegal
46. Seychelles
47. Sierra Leone
48. Somalia
49. Sri Lanka
50. Saint Kitts and Nevis
51. Saint Lucia
52. St. Vincent
53. Tanzania
54. Thailand
55. Timor
56. Togo
57. Trinidad and Tobago
58. Tunisia
59. Tuvalu
60. Vanuatu
61. Zimbabwe
62. Grenada
If you are also planning to travel outside India, then you can go to these countries without visa and enjoy the best places there.


How many countries can Indian passport holders enter without a visa?

Indian passport holders can enter 62 countries without a visa as of 2024 .

What is the global ranking of the Indian passport?

The Indian passport currently ranks 80th globally in terms of visa-free access .

Can you list some of the countries Indian citizens can visit without a visa?

Indian citizens can visit countries such as: Thailand Mauritius Oman Angola Barbados Bhutan Bolivia Fiji Indonesia Malaysia ...and many more

How does the Indian passport compare to Pakistan and Afghanistan in terms of visa-free access?

Afghanistan ranks 104th with access to 28 countries, while Pakistan ranks 101st with access to 34 countries without a visa .

Are there any recent changes to the list of visa-free countries for Indian passport holders?

Yes, as of January 2023, Serbia is no longer included in the list of visa-free countries for Indian passport holders

What are some travel destinations in the list of visa-free countries that might interest Indian tourists?

Popular travel destinations that Indian tourists might find appealing include: Thailand for its beaches and culture Mauritius for its natural beauty Oman for its rich history and landscapes Barbados for its Caribbean charm Fiji for its tropical islands

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