You are currently viewing Universities With Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024

Universities With Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024

Universities With Low GPA Requirement for Scholarship Admissions in 2024

You may be surprised to learn that for many top academicians, economists, researchers, and HR officials, an applicant’s high GPA score is never the only criterion for selection because there are some very important things that a high score/high GPA can never account for, such as research ability, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills, and this finding came from James Heckman’s (Nobel Prize Winner) co-authored research paper.

As a result, many top-ranked international universities no longer consider high GPA/score to be the sole criterion for admitting local/international students, and instead instruct their admission offices to evaluate admission/scholarship applications based on the applicant’s research proposal/study plan, previous achievements, research/patents, and many other similar factors.

Similarly, there are a number of international universities that offer admission to undergrad, postgrad, and teaching assistant (TA) positions to local and international students who do not have high scores or GPAs, which is why I wrote this useful article for all of my students with low scores to apply for scholarships/admissions in these 36 international universities, and for your convenience, I have also mentioned their international university rankings

What do you need to apply for admission?

However, before you begin researching these universities for admission purposes, please ensure that you have passed the GRE with a score of 320 or higher for teaching assistant positions, or that you have recommendation letters/research proposal/study plan available for postgraduate admissions, or that you have a letter of motivation/personal statement available for undergrad admission applications.

List of Universities Offering Scholarship Admissions on Low GPA

Now, let us take a closer look at all of the top-ranked international universities that are actually available to provide scholarship admissions to local and international students with lower GPA requirements than the rest of the international universities, and for your convenience, I have included scholarship page web links for all of these universities in this list so you can directly explore scholarship options in these universities with lower GPA requirements for admission of batch 2024-2025:

# Universities With Low GPA Requirements for Admission Global Rankings 2022-2023
1 Texas Tech University (TTU) 472
2 University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina 115
3 University of Minnesota 62
4 George Mason University 137
5 Arizona State University (High Ranked Institute) 121
6 Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina 693
7 Oregon State University 299
8 University of Alabama 512
9 New Mexico State University 263
10 University of Tennessee 225
11 University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York 286
12 University of Ohio 684
13 New Jersey Institute of Technology 826
14 University of Texas at Dallas 349
15 Syracuse University 372
16 Wayne State University 385
17 University of Illinois Chicago 250
18 Oklahoma State University 633
19 Iowa State University 263
20 Stony Brook University 206
21 University of Central Florida 413
22 Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana 153
23 University of Houston 432
24 Auburn University 579
25 Colorado State University 276
26 Mississippi State University 920
27 University of Arizona 108
28  University of North Dakota 250
29 Oregon State University 151
30 University of South Florida 317
31 University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri 452
32 Kansas State University 507
33 University of Colorado, Boulder 356
34 North Carolina State University 230
35 University of North Texas 679
36 Michigan Technological University 779
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